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Burlesque Jems Strip Club

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Strip Club : The place for women who wish to learn the art of empowered striptease

Transform yourself by learning the art of empowered striptease –just for yourself with a group of supportive ladies. Here we give permission to be sexy, be empowered and be inspiring !

There is also no requirement to perform if you do not wish to do so – however, anyone wishing to perform group stripteases or solos should also join, as there is an optional performance opportunity. Unlike other groups there is no need to audition as I believe we should be empowering and inspiring others by championing women of all ages, shapes and sizes

Commitments : You are required to attend weekly classes to keep up dance practise and build the trust required within the group. We'll need you to fill-in a medical form an return it to us asap as shown below :

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