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Burlesque Jems solo mentoring

The Burlesque Jems solo mentoring process

Student image My class participants love the idea of performing (even if they would never do it) and I often hear such great ideas for acts for ladies who have been inspired at through our classes. But these were only ever ideas with no way to develope them or take them to the stage. Therefore I created the Solo Mentoring Process and a safe environment and supportive platform for new soloists to perform. We'll need you to fill-in a medical form an return it to us asap as shown below :

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To devise and choreograph a solo act with Jems mentoring ready to perform

Take a look at some of our previous danceout images here :

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Scratch Night

A night where new acts are showcased and feedback from the invited audience is gathered at the end

"I have been part of Burlesque Jems since June 2011. When I saw it advertised in Harlow, I didn't hesitate in contacting Jem for details and decided, even after not being able to persuade anyone else to join me, I was going to attend anyway. This was the first exercise / dance class I have ever joined on my own !

I loved it from the first session. I have now been on 7 courses, learnt 7 fantastic dances and been involved in a number of different dance out / performances. During the last 2 courses I was pregnant and found the dancing to be a brilliant form of pre-natal exercise. This was confirmed by a number of midwives who, after I had given birth, told me I had good muscles in my tummy and bottom due to the exercise I had been doing

I stopped dancing when I was nearly 7 months pregnant but knew that as soon as I could I would be returning to the Burlesque Jems. During my time away I was kept up to date on what was happening through email and Facebook. This is where I saw that Jem was offering a solo mentoring process. I spent a long time thinking about whether I was ready to perform on my own and during my final month of pregnancy I decided – YES !

I was going to need some 'Me Time' once the baby arrived and I loved the idea of choreographing my own dance and with Jem's ideas and support I have really enjoyed the process so far. I was set 'homework' before attending my first session that helped me to come up with a concept for my dance

Jem has been easy to contact when needed and has given me enough time and space to develop my own ideas (whilst looking after a new born). It is great to be able to collaborate with Jem, as she has lots of experience and is encouraging of my ideas. I am getting really excited about completing the process and performing something I have created"

Jennie Ferguson, 26,

Bishops Stortford