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The Burlesque Jems boutique

Looking glamorous

The class props & necessities required for the course

Plush two-tone dye-fast feather boas

Satin Gloves

Satin ties

Feeling glamorous

Outfits for those who wish to enhance their dancing experience & performance quality

Acrylic boned corsets

Steel boned Corsets

Frilly knickers

Footless fishnets

Bustles skirts

Information on the Burlesque Jems boutique

At the Burlesque Jems we just love dressing up ! It helps you get into character and enhances your dancing, allowing yourself to be ‘saucier’ than your everyday life and builds the confidence required to perform to your fullest potential

The Burlesque Jems Boutique was born from a lady in my first 8 week class asking where to purchase corsets as she had ordered one online and when it arrived it was the wrong size – as corset fitting & measuring is quite an art and does not relate to usual dress sizes

We offer free corset consultations and fittings in a safe and supportive environment as well as Corset & Cocktail Parties where ladies get to host a party and try on corsets in the comfort of their own home

The boutiques travels to all of the Burlesque Jems workshops, classes & events and stocks the following :