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Burlesque Jems bookings

Booking your event with Burlesque Jems

Click the relevant links below to book your place at one of our amazing events – don't forget to view our terms & conditions and health & safety information. We'll also need you to download, fill-in and send back our medical form as well for all Burlesque Jems events

Terms & Conditions – IMPORTANT !

Courses and Workshops

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund any class or workshop payments; however money can be transferred onto the next course or workshop within 10 days of payment. We are not able to transfer 11 days after purchase or once a course has started or workshop has taken place

Burlesque Jems reserves the right to change rooms or venues of any course or workshops 24 hours before the course or workshop date. This shall only be done due to unforeseen circumstances and has rarely been necessary

Participants are expected to check out the website for any unforeseen changes of times or venue up to 24 hours before the course or workshop date

Health & safety

Burlesque Jems does not take responsibility for injuries which happen during the course classes or workshop, or any prevailing injuries. It is your liability at course classes, workshops and events to take responsibility for your own health and safety and welfare

A medical form must be presented on arrival at your first course class and/or workshop and all pre-existing injuries, illnesses and conditions must be stated on the medical form and be made known to the class tutor and Burlesque Jems prior to starting any courses or workshops

If you have any injuries, illnesses or conditions such as back, bone, muscle or heart conditions, or any experience of being dizzy or faint you must seek your doctor’s permission to join and must inform Burlesque Jems of these issues. Failure to do so will be your responsibility and Burlesque Jems will not be held responsible for any exacerbation of these injuries, illness or conditions

Having alcohol in the blood is prohibited and Burlesque Jems do not except or will accept any drunken, aggressive or rude behaviour. This is not only unacceptable for our tutors and other participants but is also a health & safety issue and you will be asked to leave the building and no monies will be refunded

» Download Burlesque Jems medical form


There will be a disclaimer to sign at the start of each new course or workshop. You must sign this disclaimer before any classes, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do so and failure to do this will be taken to mean that you have accepted the disclaimer

Hen and group workshops

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is to be paid at the time of booking to secure your hen or group workshop. We will then send an email confirmation, which confirms booking and payment of the non-refundable deposit

Hen parties and private group workshops can never be postponed or rescheduled; they need to be re-booked and full monies paid again for the new date and time, including a new non-refundable deposit

The remaining balance must be paid in advance of the event no less than 10 days prior to the date of the event

Extra charges may be required if the number of participants increases from the original number given at the time of booking, however no refunds will be given for less participants due to a minimum cost for this type of event

We become booked up with Hen parties months in advance therefore to book contact us on :


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are not refundable. Burlesque Jems Giggle Gift Vouchers can be purchased and spent on anything from boas and corsets to courses and residential weekends. Please contact us to purchase :


Residential bookings

A £100 non-refundable deposit is to be paid at the time of booking this event and a booking form completed. We will then send an email confirmation, which confirms booking and payment of the non-refundable deposit

The non-refundable deposit cannot be transferred to any other events, services, courses or dates

The balance of the monies must be paid at least a minimum of one month in advance of the Residential Course

If you cancel your booking 31 days or less before the Residential Course none of the monies you have paid will be refundable, this ensures that the course can continue and the other participants are not affected by your decision to cancel