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Welcome to Burlesque Jems !

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A very warm welcome to The Burlesque Jems

Burlesque dance classes, courses & workshops in Essex, Hertfordshire and beyond – for ladies of all ages, abilities, shapes & sizes

A brief introduction to Burlesque Jems

Every woman wants to feel fabulous and the Burlesque Jems dance classes cater for ladies who wish to find their inner vixen !

With the pressure of being mothers, career women and wives – women rarely find time for themselves, get the opportunity to bond with other women as a community and enjoy the empowering process of dressing up, dancing and allowing themselves to celebrate being trully fabulous

The Burlesque Jems create a safe space for women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes to have fun, explore their feminine side, using burlesque as a tool to build participants confidence and learn an art form with over a hundred years of history. This is a unique opportunity for women to get fit, grow in confidence, meet new people and is a fun alternative to the usual repetitve gym routine

"It's all about making you feel glamorous and beautiful, which is something lots of us need to experience. It's a class, no its more than that – its a group of friends who support you and don't make you feel too old or too fat. In fact the curvier the better ! It gives back the confidence in ourselves that many of us have lost or had taken along the way. It's my favourite part of the week, a chance to be who I want to be and not what people expect me to be or want me to be. It's about remembering who you were before"

Marie Davies, 44,

Braintree, Essex

Our Burlesque Jems courses give our participants the opportunity to learn how to strut, pose, pout, shimmy and sizzle their way through a fabulous musical routine which will get legs kicking and hair flicking. The classes focus on learning the basic dance moves, developing technique and learning routines, whilst building confidence in participants. No stripping involved in weekly classes, just a wiggle and a giggle !

Whether you bring your friends along to share our friendly & relaxed atmosphere and experience this sumptious and fabulous dance form, or come on your own – you'll feel welcome instantly! Check out the benefits of the Burlesque Jems on our » Student profiles page

The Burlesque Jems have weekly classes for those who wish to learn dance techniques, different routines, work with different props and build confidence steadily. We also have one-off » 'Dance in a Day' workshops for those who just want a short, sharp intense introduction into this art form. Not only that, but we're very proud to say that we host the only » Burlesque residential weekend in the UK, possibly even in the world, for those who live too far to commit to weekly classes, (food & accomodation provided)

Our » 'Specialist workshops' are for those who wish to further their techniques and build their Burlesque CV to include some more advanced prop work, dance skills and trickier routines. » 'Strip club' is the place to go if you wish to learn the art of empowered striptease in a fun, safe & supportive environment of fabulous women. Those brave ladies who are ready to step onto the stage alone, have the great opportunity to first go through the Burlesque Jems » 'Solo mentoring' process

Looking for a private lesson ? Then look no further than our specially tailored » '1-2-1 Masterclass'. It's the perfect present for Christmas, Valentines, birthday, anniversary or in fact just for yourself as a special treat. Book a hassle-free » 'Hen party' with the Burlesque Jems and we'll find you the perfect venue, provide a fabulous dance tutor and even have some bubbly ready & a giggle gift bag for the bride-to-be

Visit the Burlesque Jems » Boutique to find your perfect class attire. Dressing the part can really helps build your saucy character – look fabulous, feel fabulous we say!